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On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 22:23, Daniel Lewis <innervisionnetwork at>wrote:

> I just install free bsd 8.2 and i can send mail out but cant recieve. From
> recipient end its combining the hostname and domain name.
Hi Daniel,

In order to be able to "receive" e-mails on your server, a lot more is
involved than just installing the box. Your domain name (e.g.
must be published in the web. I mean, you must have a registered domain
name. After it being registered, it must have some special records
published (DNS) and these records are called MX (Mail eXchanger) records.
They must point back to your server's *public *IP address if it is the one
you want to receive mail from. That public IP address needs to be
static/permanent or some other special DNS (dynamic DNS)  records need to
come into play. Once all that is done, you will need to setup a
fully-fledged mail server that can receive mail and let people retrieve it.
In that case, you will need to run two applications - one is an SMTP server
(the one that receives and places the mail into a 'mailbox') and the other
being a POP3/IMAP4 server (the one that allows a user with a valid username
and password to "retrieve" their e-mail from the mailbox).
I suggest you start looking at Exim <>,
Postfix<>(for SMTP) and
Dovecot <> (for POP3/IMAP).
There are several primers for setting these up, and so be prepared to start
reading all those and making decisions on what you need to do - because now
you are an aspiring "Server Administrator" (mail server for starters, and I
know soon you'll be becoming a web server, database server, etc
administrator, for that is the life you have chosen:))
May I start by pointing you to the following primers:

1. Exim+Dovecot -
2. Postfix+Dovecot -

The above two include using MySQL database as backend and have a GUI to
manage, which means you will soon be getting your hands dirty with MySQL
and Apache, and PHP - I feel so sad for you because of this, but it's

3. - This one was just posted to this list
today. It's about Postfix+Dovecot using SQLite database as backend. I guess
there is no GUI to manage this.

Remember, when faced with difficulties, a good sysadmin reads log files for
the different applications s/he runs and tries to figure it out using
Google, then when stuck, can post a question to a general mailing list like
this one, or to a specific mailing list dealing with the particular

Welcome to FreeBSD, and to being a Systems Administrator.

Best regards,
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