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Chip Oakley silverskymusic2 at
Fri Feb 17 09:58:45 UTC 2012

Thanks interesting possibilities.

One thought I had is creating an operating system independent BIOS where
the appropriate machine code is inserted into the events that lead to an
override of the processes that is forcing into windows. Maybe burned to a
CD or USB,  from another computer and tie the low level to a keyboard
function,  Like pressing F2 etc, at boot to access new BIOS functionality.

Is this possible?

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 11:26 AM, <perryh at> wrote:

> Chip Oakley <silverskymusic2 at> wrote:
> > Am tempted to remove the drive and insert a new one, not sure as
> > there is memory on the drive available and nothing really wrong
> > with it.
> If you don't mind losing everything currently on the drive,
> overwriting the MBR -- and the backup GPT at the end of the drive,
> if the BIOS supports GPT/UEFI -- would surely keep it from booting
> into Windows.  You'd probably have to take the drive out, and
> connect it to a different machine (since this one's BIOS seems
> hardwired to boot only from the hard drive).
> Another possibility would be to clear the machine's CMOS, if there's
> a way to do that.  Desktop mainboards usually have a jumper for the
> purpose; dunno about Samsung laptops but removing the CMOS battery
> and giving it a few minutes for the stray capacitance to discharge
> should suffice.  (Getting to the CMOS battery may involve taking the
> case apart.)

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