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I have been a user of Linux since 1994, but most of the linux distros seem
to be getting away from freedom... which is why I chose it in the first
place.  They seem intent on forcing things that do not work well (like
pulseaudio and nouveau) on everyone.  Freedom of choice is always best.

My question is:  Should I try the amd64 version of FreeBSD with my Intel
Core i7-2600 processor or should I use the i386?

I hope to give FreeBSD a try later this month.


Mike Dockery
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Up to you if you want 32-bit or 64 -bit. Used to be that some of the higher
level ports only worked in 32-bit but more and more have been tweaked to
work on both now. If you have 4GB or more memory, def recommend amd64.


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