2Wire Router and Host Discovery

Chris Maness chris at chrismaness.com
Wed Feb 1 20:17:02 UTC 2012

I have a twire modem/router that has 5 static IPs assigned to it.  It
configures the firewall settings by discovering the hosts (by means
unknown to me) and allowing you to go into the firmware menu and
setting each host individually.  Once the hosts are recognized it
sends arp requests every few seconds to see if the host is still up on
the local network.  Incoming traffic is then routed to that static
address without a traditional arp requests because the router already
has that MAC address bound to that IP.

Now for the problem.  I have a virtual host running on one of the
boxes on the local network.  The virtual host does not show up on this
list even though the guest OS has a manual entry in the hosts arp
table, and it is pingable from the local network.  The host OS
responds to ARP requests for that IP and correctly route for that
ping, but this guest OS never shows up in the router.  That makes it
impossible to configure firewall rules and allow traffic into this
guest OS.

How does this Twowire router discover static hosts on the local net?
The Cisco router that I was behind in the past had no issues with
this.  If a ping came in from the outside world it would just arp for
that address and cache the response just like any other host on the
local net.

AT&T is just suggesting that I buy a Motorola router and be done with
it.  I would prefer to fix it in software if I can.

Any suggestions and advice on this?

Chris Maness

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