FreeBSD vice OS X memory management

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Thu Apr 26 19:41:35 UTC 2012

RW <rwmaillists <at>> writes:

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> > "2) Inactive memory (which is memory that has been recently used but
> > is no longer) is supposed to be seamlessly reclaimed automatically by
> > the OS when needed for new programs. In practice, I’ve found that
> > this isn’t the case, and my system slows to a crawl and starts paging
> > out to disk when free memory drops to zero, even as half of the
> > available RAM (which is a lot) is marked as inactive. ..."
> That's not a good description of inactive memory, most of which
> contains useful data. The situation described is undesirable, but not
> abnormal. It can happen when your physical memory is spread thinly, but
> most of it isn't being frequently accessed. In that case the inactive
> queue can be dominated by dirty swap-backed pages. 
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Would implementing the VM pageout algorithm in such a way that it would
mix in equal proportion the current least-actively used algo and the old
least-recently used algo help the situation ?


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