Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gnomesegvhandler" after upgrade from 8.2 -> 9.0

Scott Ballantyne sdb at
Thu Apr 5 17:31:09 UTC 2012


I just upgraded from 8.2 -> 9.0 using freebsd-update, my first time
for the binary upgrade.  Since the upgrade, I've been getting these
unable to load "gnomesegvhandler" messages from various software, such
as emacs. 

Any idea what I can do to fix his?

The upgrade went fairly smoothly, although freebsd-update deleted more
stuff than it should. I had to nuke my ports tree, and install
compat8x and all the ports from scratch.  I doubt this had anything to
do with my problem, just mentioning for the sake of completeness.

Thanks for any help,
sdb at

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