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Wed Oct 26 17:49:47 UTC 2011

Carl Johnson <carlj at> writes:

> Patrick Lamaiziere <patfbsd at> writes:
>> Hello,
>> I use sysutils/most to have nice manual pages in color, that's cool but
>> is there a way to do this with the base system (ie without adding port)?
> I use a colorized termcap with less, but it also works with
> /usr/bin/more.  It depends on what type of terminal you are using it
> on.  I have it for xterm and rxvt (which is what I use).  This works for
> manpages, but you can also colorize your prompt.

Obviously I hadn't thought that through since there is no xterm in the
base system, but both the xterm and rxvt termcap entries seem to work on
the console.  Just to be sure I made up a colorized cons25 entry.  I
left in the underline attribute, even though the console doesn't seem to
support underline.  I also added the nc capability that Thomas Dickey
suggested should be used.  The revised version of my ~/.termcap is below
if anybody is interested:

-------- start ~/.termcap -------------
# these are just changes to the standard FreeBSD termcap - 2010-12-13 cdj
# added cons25 and nc capability - 2011-10-26 cdj

xterm|xterm-color|X11 terminal emulator:\

rxvt|rxvt terminal emulator (X Window System):\

cons25|colorized version of cons25|:\
-------- end ~/.termcap -------------

Note that the ac capability in cons25 should be a single (long) line.

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