Help! Can't delete files ...

Andy Wodfer wodfer at
Wed Oct 19 19:32:41 UTC 2011

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 9:04 PM, Robert Bonomi <bonomi at>wrote:

> A) learn to use wildcards.

I know how to use wildcards, but I forgot to tell in my first email that
there are 4 files that have almost the same filenames, so I couldn't do it
this way.

> B) learn to use the '-i' option to rm
> C) learn to use 'echo' to 'test' filename expansions.

Thanks! Very useful info.

For your 'problem' files, put a  '?' in  anywhere there is a space or a
> 'strange character'.  Check what happens using echo, then use 'rm -i', so
> you make sure that you delete *only* the particular file you intend to.
> e.g. for the specific file you cited above try:
>   echo 28b?Kjoepesenter?n?ringsg?rdeier.docx
> *ASSUMING* that that shows;
>   28b Kjoepesenter n<91>ringsg<86>rdeier.docx
> then try:
>   rm -i 28b?Kjoepesenter?n?ringsg?rdeier.docx
> Assuming that  it asks yout about deleting the full file name, type a 'y'.
> Repeat for each 'problem' file.

Thanks a lot! That did it! :-)


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