Do you find chrome on FreeBSD buggy?

Reed Loefgren rloefgren at
Sun Oct 16 01:33:48 UTC 2011

On 10/15/11 11:27, Yuri wrote:
> I keep seeing some artefacts, like text selection isn't cleared by 
> clicking anywhere else. Or when some strange (Unicode) symbol shows 
> up, for example on wikipedia article history. Or some page would 
> randomly blank out. Or some page would show message like "Aw, snap" 
> meaning some kind of failure.
> I did rebuild all dependencies, also updated system several times, but 
> such artefacts seem to persist. Contacting port maintainer didn't help 
> either as he couldn't reproduce some of them.
> So is it just my system, or others also see such things? Is chrome 
> considered to be stable on FreeBSD?
> FF, on the contrary, doesn't show anything like that at all.
> Yuri
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Stable? It's a Google project isn't it? That means it's sort of in 
perpetual beta. It runs on my amd64/9.0-Beta3 box and it re-draws very 
very fast. Other than that, I'm unimpressed, and continue to use Firefox 

YMMV and all that...


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