Do you find chrome on FreeBSD buggy?

Andre Goree andre at
Sat Oct 15 17:53:06 UTC 2011

On Sat, 15 Oct 2011 12:27:57 -0500, Yuri <yuri at> wrote:

> I keep seeing some artefacts, like text selection isn't cleared by  
> clicking anywhere else. Or when some strange (Unicode) symbol shows up,  
> for example on wikipedia article history. Or some page would randomly  
> blank out. Or some page would show message like "Aw, snap" meaning some  
> kind of failure.
> I did rebuild all dependencies, also updated system several times, but  
> such artefacts seem to persist. Contacting port maintainer didn't help  
> either as he couldn't reproduce some of them.
> So is it just my system, or others also see such things? Is chrome  
> considered to be stable on FreeBSD?
> FF, on the contrary, doesn't show anything like that at all.
> Yuri
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You know, I've noticed the same issues as well.  They seem to have popped  
up after upgrading to 14.0.835.163_1, if I remember correctly.  I mostly  
see the issue with artifacts and whatnot on sites with heavy AJAX.  The  
issue with the blank page (i.e., the site appears to have loaded but all  
that can be seen is a blank white page -- if I move the mouse around, it  
still hovers over links so it would seem the page actually loaded but just  
is not rendering properly).

Rather than post on the forums (or this list) about it, I just started  
using Opera.  Figured it might be something to do with my install (I run  
8.2-STABLE on a PC-BSD installation).  I tried rebuilding the port,  
downloading the pre-built package, etc...not sure what could be causing it.

Just wanted to chime in with "me too", heh.

Andre Goree
andre at

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