ports/distfiles via NFS or SSH

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Sat Oct 15 15:14:58 UTC 2011

Peter Kryszkiewicz <tundra2bear at gmail.com> writes:

> I have several machines networked using NFS mounts or SSH and scp. Only one
> machine has internet connectivity - a laptop (machine vbear) with a wireless
> card (I'm in a temporary location for a few weeks and only wireless is
> available here).
> I tried to mount the ports tree on this machine to the other machines
> (machine mfc for instance) with:
> #mfc> cd /usr
> #mfc> mount_nfs vbear:/usr/ports ports
> and then installing the needed port on mfc. What happens is that the working
> directories and the entire local ports tree gets written to /var, so that I
> get /var/ports/usr/ports/devel/xxgdb/work.... and so on. /var fills up very
> quickly and I soon get "disk full" errors.
> How can I avoid this?

That doesn't happen by default, so you've already changed something, and
resetting it to default may be all you need to do.  By default, the work
directories would be under (e.g.) /usr/ports/devel/xxgdb/work.

You have probably set the WRKDIRPREFIX variable somewhere (possibly in
make.conf?) and clearing it -- or setting it to somewhere local on the
machine, but with more space, which would be faster -- will solve the
problem. There are other variables that could cause similar symptoms,
but WRKDIRPREFIX is the one I'd bet on at this point if I were you.

> I believe the solution is to point the ports Makefile to a different (local)
> working directory but point fetch to grab distfiles from the (remote)
> laptop, but I'm not sure how to do this.

Nothing in what you posted indicates that the distfiles are a problem
for you, but if it is, you probably need to look at the DISTDIR
variable, and figure out if you are grabbing distfiles to multiple
places.  Given that only one machine is capable of downloading
distfiles in the first place, I think it's unlikely you have trouble in
this area.

Good luck.

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