Dick Hoogendijk dick at
Wed Jun 29 19:16:38 UTC 2011

Op 29-6-2011 21:15, Trond Endrestøl schreef:
> On Wed, 29 Jun 2011 20:42+0200, Dick Hoogendijk wrote:
>> I'm a little desperade. I installed a mirrored ZFS freebsd system in
>> a VM the other day and all went well. Now I did the same procedure
>> on a real systrem with two drives and I can't get the system to boot
>> properly. Everytime it halts at the mountroot prompt. If I manually
>> put zfs:zroot at the prompt the system boots to the login screen. I
>> checked the /etc/rc.conf and the /boot/loader.conf for syntax errors
>> but all seems well. What on earth can be the cause of this
>> behaviour? What do I check? Help?
> Have you specified a bootfs?
> E.g.:
>    zpool set bootfs=zroot zroot
Yes, I did. And just did it again.

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