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Chris Brennan xaero at
Wed Jun 15 21:08:37 UTC 2011

* Thomas Hansen <tlh at> [2011-06-15 22:34:23 +0200]:

> one of my mates teacher says that unix is free and your system running 
> like UnixWare / SCO UNIX and .... and that unix is free
> Do your BSD kernel run the same unix kernel as unixware

FreeBSD is a UNIX-like clone, which is indeed free, whereas UNIX is 
still the proprietary property of AT&T/Bell Labs.

To read more on freebsd, you can go to as well as, that should give you sufficient 
information to move further.

You might want to at least go read to figure out where SCO UNIT 
stands which is not AT&T/Bell Labs UNIX nor is it FreeBSD.

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