Virtualbox on 8.2 64-bit (cont)

Rob lists at
Tue Jun 14 22:41:00 UTC 2011

On 6/14/11 4:52 PM, Mario Lobo wrote:
>> Also, do you know the difference between pre-built packages on the
>> freebsd ftp server in packages-8.2-release vs packages-8-stable?
> Well, IF you installed the source tree from the SAME cd  which you installed
> the FreeBSD you have now, there won't be any problems. You said you want to
> keep the stock kernel you installed so I assume that you haven't updated
> anything from the internet. You MUST install the source tree from the same
> DVD/CD from where you installed your running kernel!
> The diference is that the packages are meant to run on their respective
> version. I believe that packages that don't rely on a specific thing of one
> version should run without problems on both. But this is not normal or even
> needed at all, specially because it is so easy to bring everything uptodate to
> the same version.

I installed from an 8.2 boot only CD (ie network install) and have since 
patched up to 8.2-p2.  I assume I can just run sysinstall from my system 
and pull the src tree from the ftp server?

When 8.3 comes out, what do I need to do to update the src tree?  This 
may be documented in the UPDATING docs, but having never messed with the 
source tree I haven't had cause to look.  If so just tell me to go read 
the respective doc. :)


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