Long Day's Journey into <Bleep>

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On Thu, Jun 09, 2011 at 12:48:29PM -0600, Chad Perrin wrote:
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> On Thu, Jun 09, 2011 at 10:25:27AM -0400, Mike L wrote:
> > whats this have to do with freebsd questions?
> > You seem to have a bad habit of spamming the mailing list with mundane BS.

	I might agree if the discussion didn't warnder into good and bad
	switches, which is something that many of us are conconcerned
	with.  Otherwise, i apologise.

> Bringing things back to FreeBSD again . . .
> Are parts available for building an inexpensive switch, perhaps with the
> ability to use a stripped-down FreeBSD to run the thing?  The closest
> I've found so far is this:
>     http://www.automationworld.com/products-2039
> It says "make your own", but it looks to me like what they mean by that
> is "put it in your own box and brand it with your name; power supply not
> included".
> The hardware requirements for building a switch are, unfortunately,
> outside my area of expertise.

	I'll check it out when I'm using evo.  My bg was in ckt design,
	but that was a Long time back.  For those of us who use FreeBSD
	at work, the expense of a switch shouldn't be an issue.  For me, 
	I _will_ just buy a second LG switch.  Still, be interesting to
	see if one of my old computers with FBSD 8.X could run the unit.
	Appreciate the tip, Chad.

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