custom iso with /etc/src.conf

Stefan Miklosovic miklosovic.freebsd at
Thu Jun 2 10:58:57 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I know I can build custom iso with make release but this is my question:

In order to get some custom build, e.g. for jails, I used to write some
things to
/etc/src.conf for not installing / compiling some software (games, daemons
so my jail is really thin.

But now, I would REALLY love to make this jail system as default bsd system
which I can install to pc from installer, which would be at iso.

Well, this would not be just like jail, there would be kernel as well and so
on ...

>From what I know, there are several stages in make release, from
release(7) I see that

release: Uses ``make installworld'' to install a clean system into
a chroot(8) environment on the file system.  Checks out
the specified version of the source code and then rebuilds
the entire system in the clean environment with ``make
buildworld''.  The detailed steps that follow are then
executed to package up the different distributions, build
the installation floppy disks, build release documenta-
tion, and so on.

I have cvs repository localy installed in /home/ncvs.

But, if I compile it (/usr/src with /etc/src.conf) and than make release, it
will fail because even
I install it, it fails to buildworld in make release stage, because I have
not make + compiler
toolchain and other things in that "clean system" after installworld.

So my question is, how to make it in that way, that I "make release", full
system is installed to chroot and than
system suitable for my needs (/etc/src.conf options what to compile and what
not) is build and isos are made.

Thank you very much

Stefan Miklosovic

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