start kde in 8.1

Warren Block wblock at
Fri Oct 29 14:12:38 UTC 2010

On Fri, 29 Oct 2010, Tim Dunphy wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Yes xorg is installed:
> [bluethundr at bsd1 /usr/local/kde4/bin]$ pkg_info -Ix xorg-7
> xorg-7.5            X.Org complete distribution metaport
> But startkde does not appear to be in /usr/local/kde4/bin
> I have so far only installed kde4base.. I am attempting to install
> the full KDE 4...

startkde is in kdebase4-workspace, but you can't install any of the KDE 
sub-ports by themselves and expect it to run.  Install x11/kde4 for the 
whole thing.

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