mediatomb and m3u issues

Justin V. vic at
Thu Oct 28 16:12:09 UTC 2010


This is for any mediatomb users.

I recently installed Mediatomb with mencoder.

Everything works solid on the video side of things.. I can stream video 
from my FreeBSD machine to my PS3 without any issue.

The only issue I see is when I add my music to the mediatomb db.

I keep getting a segmentaion fault:

Oct 27 17:10:57 hbca kernel: pid 92235 (mediatomb), uid 1001: exited on 
signal 11 (core dumped)

Soon as mediatomb crashes, I check the last file it crashed on, usually a 
.m3u and remove that .m3u file and then it add the files to the db fine...

Anyone know of another workaround??



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