Sorry state of the rsync based CVS,replication

Patrick Bihan-Faou patrick.bihan-faou at
Wed Oct 27 13:03:18 UTC 2010


We use FreeBSD extensively and keep a local mirror of the CVS 
repository. Up until recently things where working properly with the 
various servers listed in, but sometime 
during the summer did not respond anymore and since 
then rsync replication is broken.

The main issue (besides the removal of is that most 
rsync sources refuse to replicate the content of the .Attic directories 
in the CVS tree. This means that performing a check-out on ports using a 
tag usually won't work as some files will not be there anymore.

Here are the typical logs I get using most rsync servers:

rsync: opendir 
(in vol) failed: Permission denied (13)

At this moment the only rsync server that provides an adequate 
replication of the CVS repository is

We are moving to svn and svnsync for the freebsd source tree (and I am 
happy with this), but the ports do not seem to be available using SVN 
(or not in a documented way).

Can something be done to restore RSYNC mirroring of the CVS tree to a 
working state ?

Best regards,

Patrick Bihan-Faou

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