How to load fluxbox themes

Frank Shute frank at
Fri Oct 15 21:28:02 UTC 2010

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 01:17:54PM -0500, Michael D. Norwick wrote:
> Good day;
> How does one load a downloaded fluxbox theme?  I have unpacked a nice 
> vermaden authored theme into
> .fluxbox/flux-themes but that is where I am stuck.
> fluxbox ver. 1.1.1 from ports
> What goes in the .fluxbox/styles directory?
> T.I.A.

[frank at orange:frank/.fluxbox]
$ ls -F
apps           fbrun_history  keys-dis       menu~          startup
backgrounds/   init           keys~          overlay        styles/
fbpager        init~          lastwallpaper  pixmaps/       windowmenu
fbpager~       keys           menu           slitlist
[frank at orange:frank/.fluxbox]
$ ls -F styles
blackwood/  blue_curve/ cherry/     skulls/
[frank at orange:frank/.fluxbox]
$ ls -F styles/cherry
theme.cfg   theme.cfg~
[frank at orange:frank/.fluxbox]
$ ls -F backgrounds/
cherry.png         curves.jpg         skulls.jpg         wood1280x1024.jpg
[frank at orange:frank/.fluxbox]

The above gives you an idea if where everything belongs.

theme.cfg has a line calling the background. E.g:

background:                                             fullscreen
background.pixmap:                      ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds/cherry.png




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