Resin 3.1.9, Apache 2.2.16 and mod_caucho?

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Thu Oct 14 17:50:30 UTC 2010

Christer Solskogen wrote:

>>> > Both Apache (port 80) and Resin3.1 (port 8080) runs fine alone.
>>> >
>>> You probably have that module already installed. It comes with
>>> www/resin3 according to the Makefile.
>> Don't think so. locate (updated) and find only shows these:
>> ./tmp/caucho
>> ./usr/local/resin3/webapps/resin-doc/WEB-INF/classes/com/caucho
>> ./usr/local/resin3/webapps/resin-doc/WEB-INF/xsl/caucho
>> ./usr/local/resin3/webapps/resin-doc/examples/amber-basic/WEB-
> You might need to have apache[2|22] installed first.

You do need Apache installed first as apxs is used to build the mod_caucho 
module. Install Apache by the ports system as you normally would. See the 
'Compiling' section here:

If the configure script doesn't/can't find apxs automagically use the CLI 
switch and provide it with the location. It should be able to find it.

Then config resin.conf and httpd.conf accordingly.


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