__FreeBSD__ not available and unsigned long type

Michael Grünewald michael.grunewald at laposte.net
Wed Oct 13 13:23:19 UTC 2010

dear Chetan,

Chetan Shukla wrote:

> I have two doubts working further ion FreeBSD.

> In my machine (8.0-RELEASE) I am not getting the macro __FreeBSD__.
> As a workaround I have to conditionally define it in makefile.
> Could someone define what is missing in this case.

For this one, I do not have any clue.

> Moreover when I have to use unsigned long and signed long the only
> Options that I have are to write "unsigned long " and "signed long"
> Nothing more specific like uint64_t?Or are there any special header files that need to be included.

The type uint64_t is indeed defined by the header stdint.h (mnemonic:
standard integer types).  This seems to suit the requirements of C99.
Try `man stdint' at the command line.

Best regards,

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