Xorg 7.5 and OpenMotif: mouse stuck in box

Giuseppe Pagnoni gpagnoni at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 09:31:47 UTC 2010

Dear all,

I am resending this because it seems to me a really critical bug
(prevents you from using OpenMotif or lesstif applications), but
apparently nothing has been changed since last july.  Upgrading xorg
to 1.7.7 does fix the problem, but I wonder if this may cause
dependency problems in the ports tree.  Also, if this is the correct
fix, is there a reason why it hasn't been integrated in the ports yet?

thanks again


I am having a problem with xorg 1.7.5 and OpenMotif resulting in the
mouse being stuck in certain areas of the Motif windows that are
supposed to open dialog boxes when right-clicked.  I noticed that
somebody else reported the problem already in this list, and that it
seems to have been fixed in xorg 1.7.7.  However xorg 1.7.7 is not yet
available in the ports tree, nor it looks like a patch is in for the
current version (I tried to recompile xorg today after a port tree
update).  Is manually compiling Xorg the only solution right now?

thanks in advance for any advice



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