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Pierre-Luc Drouin pldrouin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 13:47:38 UTC 2010

Well, according to me FreeBSD works very well on desktops (except for CUDA),
but I agree that its usage is extremely limited for laptops and netbooks. If
I can't use ACPI or wireless on my laptop/netbook, I don't really see the
point... Over the past 6 years I have tried many times to use FreeBSD on my
laptops/netbooks but these problems always made me fall back to Linux... I
still use FreeBSD as the only OS on my desktop computers though...

On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 9:31 AM, Jonathan McKeown <j.mckeown at ru.ac.za> wrote:

> On Tuesday 05 October 2010 13:31:08 Carmel wrote:
> > I have been tooling around with FreeBSD for a year or so now and I find
> > it incredible that there is virtually no support for modern hardware;
> > i.e., drivers for 'N' protocol devices. That one factor alone, and there
> > are others, precludes me from seriously thinking about installing
> > FreeBSD on a new laptop. The one PC that I have FreeBSD installed on is
> > connected via Ethernet cable to my LAN. Once that PC is replaced by
> > year's end with a more powerful, and wireless enabled unit, I am afraid
> > my experiment with FreeBSD will come to a close. At present it
> > certainly will not support the wireless card installed, and I am not
> > even sure if it will support all of the other hardware either.
> >
> > I realize that at this point someone will inevitably chime in and play
> > the "blame the manufacturers" whine. If that were factually correct,
> > then no one else would be able to supply drivers and support for
> > hardware that FreeBSD has left orphaned.
> >
> > The bottom line is that FreeBSD, if it is to continue to be considered
> > a viable alternative operating system, must stay current in today's
> > market. Many posts that I have viewed on other forums seem to feel that
> > FreeBSD is sadly, whether do to bad choices such as those related to GPL
> > licenses, or failure to properly gage today's market trends, is slipping
> > into an abyss.
> So. What's the connection between freebsd.user at seibercom.net,
> carmel_ny at hotmail.com and gesbbb at yahoo.com, who all post through
> scorpio.seibercom.net, and who all have remarkably similar views on why
> FreeBSD is a pile of rubbish?
> And in terms of keeping my killfile reasonably effective, is there any easy
> way to filter out /all/ the sockpuppets at once? Or do I just need to keep
> adding them one at a time?
> Jonathan
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