ANNOUNCE: Custom 64bit FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p1 with XFCE packages released

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at
Sat Oct 2 18:26:29 UTC 2010

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Hey all,

I have just completed an 8.1-RELEASE-p1 based build of the 'Custom
releases' project hosted here:

At the moment only the 64bit version is available, while a 32bit
version is in the works and is expected later on this week.

You may download the ISO file immediately using the downloads page:

This release is based on the latest XFCE desktop and includes a wide
variety of desktop-related packages, like OpenOffice, abiword, gnumeric,
firefox35, gimp, inkscape, evince and so on. The base system is
8.1-RELEASE. A few other small window managers are included like
windowmaker and fluxbox.  Note this release does not include
editors/zim and x11-wm/icewm due to build problems.

Make sure to read the README file before installation.

Also note that installing linux related packages during initial setup
needs a few more  steps. This is due to differences in sysinstall
between 7.X and
8.X releases. A detailed explanation is provided in the README file.

As always, please report any problems, success stories, comments and
criticisms to manolis at

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