[OT] Was: Disabling DNS

Alberto Mijares amijaresp at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 17:18:48 UTC 2010

>> > I have a FreeBSD server that, among other things, used to provide DNS for a handful of domain names and a small network.  All DNS is now provided by new machines.  On the old machine, DNS starts when the machine boots, and bind continues to run lots of useless named and named-xfer processes throughout the day.  How do I turn off the DNS processes on the old machine and stop it from starting every time the machine boots?
>> Hi,
>> FreeBSD has an excelent documentation. Just reading the manual you
>> will know how to acomplish dummy sysadmin tasks like this.
>                             ^^^^^
> Maybe you have a language problem, but this looks very much like
> inappropriate response.   We do no call names on this list.  It
> is unhelpful, unfriendly and non-professional.
> ////jerry

When you give a specific answer, you are just giving that: one single
answer. When you give the source of this answer instead, you are
giving many answers at once. Now, it's obvious that the OP hasn't read
the handbook ever and I think he didn't try, at least, a google search
before asking this question. So, why is it inappropiate, unhelpful,
unfriendly or non-professional my advise? Ain't it a tacit rule in
every list to do some research before asking help?

Just in case, I made a search of every word I used in a dictionary;
and no offensive nor annoying meaning was found (OK, I misstyped
"accomplish", sorry about that. My native language is spanish).

Please let me know if I'm missing something else.


Alberto Mijares

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