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Actually you can find now some cheap HDDs so the safest way is to install BSD/Linux on a second one, but if you can't buy another HDD then backup all the important date and install BSD with bsd loader on your HDD, after making some free, unformatted space on it.

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Am 18.04.2010 18:10, schrieb Jorge Biquez:
> Hello all.
> I hope this question does not sound so stupid. I have read archives and do gogled searches but would like , if possible, to hear comments based on experience.
> I have a machine, pentium D 2.4mhz 2gb RAM, 160DD HD XP Pro. As I mentuioned in other post I installed FreeBSD 7.3 under a virtual machine using vmware. It works fine but seems it is too much for the machine since when I am running it the machine is very slow. I have that FB installation running without graphical interface since that's why I need then.
> Now I would like to have a graphical interface running to learn to use eclipse and continue with my PHP/Mysql development learning. I know that if I continue under VMware the windows machine will be even more slow so I decided that I would have this machine running with a multi boot schema and choose when to boot under FreeBSd, Windows and later with Linux (looking for a job and in some companies asked me to have the basics of any distribution). The most important is that I need to be able to continue having that actual windows partition without loosing anything or changing anything.
> What do you think, based on experince, is the safest way to accomplish this?
Since Windows isn't very cooperative with other operating systems, leave it where it is, buy a second hard disk and install FreeBSD (and Linux) on it. The FreeBSD bootmanager will be able to boot Windows but Windows will not boot any FreeBSD or Linux.

Good Luck


> Thanks in advance
> Jorge Biquez
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