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I'm fairly new to this list and have only lurked until now.  Please
forgive me if this question has been asked before.  I've exhausted the
man pages, google, and comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc.

I've installed FreeBSD 8.0-release amd64 on an Intel Core i3 with
integrated HD graphics.  Everything's working fine except for the video
driver for X11.

pciconf -lv yields:

vgapci0 at pci0:0:2:0:     class=0x030000 card=0x17021043 chip=0x00468086 rev=0x12 hdr=0x00
    vendor     = 'Intel Corporation'
    class      = display
    subclass   = VGA

The intel driver cannot see the device at all.  The vesa driver works,
but it's limited to 1024x768, which on my 1600x900 notebook screen
presents a suboptimal viewing experience.  /var/log/Xorg.0.log reports
the available timings:

(II) VESA(0): Supported color encodings: RGB 4:4:4 YCrCb 4:4:4 
(II) VESA(0): First detailed timing is preferred mode
(II) VESA(0): redX: 0.610 redY: 0.355   greenX: 0.333 greenY: 0.610
(II) VESA(0): blueX: 0.152 blueY: 0.100   whiteX: 0.313 whiteY: 0.329
(II) VESA(0): Manufacturer's mask: 0
(II) VESA(0): Supported detailed timing:
(II) VESA(0): clock: 110.4 MHz   Image Size:  382 x 214 mm
(II) VESA(0): h_active: 1600  h_sync: 1664  h_sync_end 1706 h_blank_end 2000 h_border: 0
(II) VESA(0): v_active: 900  v_sync: 903  v_sync_end 906 v_blanking: 920 v_border: 0
(WW) VESA(0): Unknown vendor-specific block f
(II) VESA(0):  AUO
(II) VESA(0):  B173RW01 V0
(II) VESA(0): EDID (in hex):
(II) VESA(0): 	00ffffffffffff0006af9e1000000000
(II) VESA(0): 	01120103802615780a45259c5b559c27
(II) VESA(0): 	19505400000001010101010101010101
(II) VESA(0): 	010101010101202b409061841430402a
(II) VESA(0): 	33007ed6100000180000000f00000000
(II) VESA(0): 	00000000000000000020000000fe0041
(II) VESA(0): 	554f0a202020202020202020000000fe
(II) VESA(0): 	004231373352573031205630200a00bb
(II) VESA(0): EDID vendor "AUO", prod id 4254
(II) VESA(0): Printing DDC gathered Modelines:
(II) VESA(0): Modeline "1600x900"x0.0  110.40  1600 1664 1706 2000  900 903 906 920 -hsync -vsync (55.2 kHz)

And I added a ModeLine to the Monitor section of xorg.conf to address that:

	ModeLine     "1600x900" 110.4 1600 1664 1706 2000 900 903 906 920 -hsync -vsync

But no dice.  I think vesa just isn't capable of that mode.  The ModeLine
doesn't help the intel driver to see it either.

This thread:

led me to believe that I need an Intel driver entry for (0x8086, 0x0046
in /sys/dev/drm/drm_pciids.h along with corresponding tests in the
correct driver-specific header file, but I don't know what driver that
should be, or if I even have one that would work.  I'm tempted to just
try them  each one a time, starting with i915 -- could I cause any
permanent damage?

Anyone have similar experience with this setup?  I don't even know for
sure what the video chip is on this system, but since it's on an i3 I
think it would have to be PM55, PM57, HM55, HM57, QM57, or QS57.

Any help or sympathy would be appreciated.
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