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On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 12:34:32PM -0400, Alejandro Imass wrote:
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> When you install a lib in FBSD (and many other FLOSS OSs) it usually
> installs a man page, so apropos and of course man will have it: man
> sprintf, so the detailed information is usually there...
> The tricky part is having like a table of contents of some sort
> especially at the library level which is what _I think_ you are
> referring to. For example, to answer the question ¿what library should
> I use for X or Y need? . If you use Perl, you have the cpan search
> engine (and others) wher you go llook for libs. For C it is many times
> not tha obvious, nor is there a single repository of libraries for C
> as there is for say Perl.
> I find your question very interesting but sadly I have no direct
> answer myself. I think is more of "a topic" thing in C. For example if
> you are making a driver, you will usually be involved in mailing lists
> related to that, and people will share X or Y lib secrets with you.
> You will also hack someone else's code and look at the libs they are
> using, and most importangly you will have books and other stuff that
> will point to the use of those libs. Now whether there is a directory
> of C libraries around, I don't think so, but if you find one, _please_
> share it ;)
> Best,
> Alejandro Imass

	I will, of course, share any info i find if it looks useful.
	Most of my hacking-type work these days involves messing with
	textfiles, and that may be of little interest since it is not
	FBSD specific.

	I'm still chasing after some sort of 'user-side' program that
	will let people use cheap keyboards and produce a nice THUNK.
	That said, I did try out one of the small 8.9" notebooks.
	The keyboard 'feel' wasn't that bad.  [Still, I didn't press
	hard enough on several keys.  Having audio would have been a
	great help.]

	Okay; enough.  thanks to everybody; really appreciate the


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