Online school for FreeBSD

jt jt202 at
Sat Apr 10 06:35:12 UTC 2010

I've been doing searches for online schools that teach FreeBSD. I've been trying to learn on an off for years but when it starts getting complicated, I get stuck. The handbook don't do allot of good.

My goal is simply this. I want to open a small business, A server, To lease out web space, domains, etc etc. I want to start small and possibly expand to a rack of servers and so on.

I've been searching all say and cannot find ANY online schools that teach FreeBSD.  From what I understand, FreeBSD is the best for security and control. I'll be leasing out shell space too so I need security like A company like that is eventually what Id like to accomplish. But I need to know the ground up. I don't want to trust an employee with root access to my server.

I remember seeing a book out there specific to what I'm trying to do.

Anyway, I hope you can hook me up with a school. Or the proper books anyway. FreeBSD for dummies or something.

You guys do excellent work. I hope not only to learn but someday contribute back to the freebsd community.

Thanks  for you're time. 

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