acd0: TIMEOUT - READ_BIG retrying (1retry left)

Антон Клесс antoniok.spb at
Fri Apr 2 05:44:42 UTC 2010

Good day.

I trying to install 7.2-RELEASE on server with MB Supermicro
BIOS is the newest.

Just in time I boot from CD I get such errors after detecting CPU:

acd0: TIMEOUT - READ_BIG retrying (1 retry left)
acd0: TIMEOUT - READ_BIG retrying (0 retry left)

And boot fails.

But if I eject CD from CD-ROM after FreeBSD  kernel loads, all going OK. But
in this way I unable to continue installation from CD, course even I insert
CD during sysinstall, it cannot mount it and copy distributions to my

I have tried to boot through choosing "6" in loader menu and type


   > set hw.ata.atapi_dma=0


   > boot

But it doesn't give any effect.

Situation was recalled on two X8DTU-F motherboards, so it isn't hardware

CD-ROM is SATA, TEAC DV-28S. Photo:

What do I do with that?

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