KDE: What a monster!

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Tue Jan 27 08:52:43 PST 2009

> had either followed the Debian approach of keeping KDE3 as the default,
> or the FreeBSD approach of leaving it up to the user there wouldn't have
> been such a problem. One of the worst aspect of OSS is the pervasive
> attitude that software is either bleeding-edge, or it's obsolete.

it's not OSS problem but general problem with all software. this problem 
started with commercial software some years ago because PEOPLE WANTED 

they wanted to have top-end rubbish as most of poeple don't do anything 
more on their computer than starting few simple programs and a web 
browser, but wanted to stay "ahead".

That's why both windoze and KDE (and lots of others) software is such a 

But it's very simple solution for that for everyone slightly smarter than 

Simply DON'T use them. You can do all things with non-"trendy" unix 
programs, and with "archaic" unix way of computing.

for X window system just use some small windows manager that (as 
name suggest) manages windows on screen and JUST START program you use.

that's all. the wistles are not needed for work. Actually it makes work 
harder and much less efficient. You don't need "desktop features", you 
jest need programs that do what you need, and run them.

Leave all this colorful whistles to average monkey.

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