how to create a DVD backup filesystem?

regis505 regis505 at
Mon Jan 26 13:10:01 PST 2009

> But this does not (!) make the media mountable! You may see that
> as a disadvantage, but maybe it's not: You can access it now
> directly without needing to mount it, and you can extract from
> it by selection, e. g.
> 	% tar xvjf /dev/cd0 ~/music
> to only extract the music/ subtree.
> The tar "file system" is best for interoperability because (if
> I may say this) every UNIX-like OS can read tar, no matter if you
> put it n discs, disks, tapes or even hard disks or USB sticks.

I was curious to tar directly to a blank dvd+rw. I tried:

  tar -cvf /dev/cd1  root0-090107.gz root1-090116.gz
  a root0-090107.gz
  a root1-090116.gz

I got the prompt back but the dvd device stays busy (on the unit, the light
flashes non stop). Any ideas?


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