Solaris Compat?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Jan 26 04:04:59 PST 2009

> I don't want to raise an argument here (on multiple levels, no less...),
> but what would the compatibility be between FreeBSD (release) and
> Solaris?
> Why I ask is Adobe have released a version of flash for Solaris, and I'm
> wondering if this might work better than the linux_compat types. I tried

it's nonsense to FreeBSD developers to do workaround just because adobe 
don't want to make FreeBSD binary.

If they don't want to make, then they DONT WANT US to use their product.
They DO HAVE RIGHT to do so, and please respect their rights!

PS. Of course it's nonsense what they do, but again it's their right to do 
stupid things

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