Portupgrade thru SSH session

Ron Wilhoite ronw at bals.org
Tue Jan 20 07:22:48 PST 2009

On 01/20/2009 09:10 AM Jos Chrispijn wrote:
> Can someone tell me what I should attend for when I am disconnected in 
> the middle of a portupgrade and the terminal session is aborted?
> The portupgrade was halted by a [yes/no] prompt, on which I had to 
> react. Unfortunately being not present and I having not set my Putty 
> keepalive session timeperiod I was disconnected due to no activity on 
> this system prompt $-|.
> What I did after having logged on again was deleting that specific ruby 
> process and some tty processes. Perhaps I should delete some other temp 
> files as well?

Before I learned to run portupgrade in a screen session, I never had a 
problem just running portupgrade again. If I recall correctly the index 
needed to be rebuilt at times, but portupgrade gave a helpful message 
telling me that.

Ron Wilhoite

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