Very slow boot process (from installation disk), followed by kernel panic

Zach Samuels wzsamuels at
Wed Jan 14 18:40:49 PST 2009


I'm trying to install FreeBSD on my HP Pavilion (AMD Phenom 8650
Triple Core 2.3 GHz, Hitachi SCSI disk drive, booting from ATAPI DVD
ROM). I am booting with verbose logging turned on.  When the boot
process reaches the line "Mounting root from ufs:/dev/md0c" a series
of messages saying "t_delta [long number] too short/too long" appear
for several minutes.  When "/stand/sysinstall running as init on vty0"
is finally reached, more of the messages appear.  Finally, sysinstall
is started, but keyboard response is very slow.  After, a few minutes
a kernel panic occurs "spin lock held too long" and the computer
reboots.  I've seen bug reports with this sort of kernel panic, but
not during installation.

Thanks in advance,

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