freebsd-update doesn't seem to update to Latest

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Wed Jan 14 04:09:31 PST 2009

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Subject: freebsd-update doesn't seem to update to Latest

> Hi,
> I did a freebsd-update to 7.1-RELEASE as described in the release notes.
> After that, I installed Openoffice (with pkg_add) and got several warnings 
> like this one:
> pkg_add: warning: package 'gnome-vfs-2.22.0_2' requires 'atk-1.22.0_1', 
> but 'atk-1.20.0' is installed
> Now I did
> # pkg_add -r atk
> pkg_add: package 'atk-1.22.0_1' or its older version already installed
> so with pkg_add -r I get newer packages than I got with freebsd-update. 
> Why?
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freebsd-update only maintains the base OS. If you want to update the ports 
use either portmanager or portupgrade 

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