mergemaster goof when src upgrading 7.0 -> 7.1

Peter Boosten peter at
Tue Jan 6 22:06:58 PST 2009

Johann Hasselbach wrote:
> I was doing a src upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1
> After installkernel, i rebooted, and accidently ran "mergemaster"
> instead of "mergemaster -p" before installworld. I ctrl-c'd once I
> realized what I had done, but the damage was done.
> It seems to have overwritten my password and group files.

I've stated this before: In my opinion this entire 'I want to overwrite
your passwd file' attitude from mergemaster is nonsense: at installation
time you're required to add an additional user, and mergemaster wants to
undo that again.

There are other ways to create new accounts or groups than simply
overwriting passwd/group files.

Also: most scripts updated by mergemaster during 7.0->7.1 are only
version numbering diffs. Is there no smarter way to do this, apart from
typing 'i' every time?

Having to go through mergemaster is the most tedious job I've ever done
(it would probably be bearable if only one machine was involved).

> Did I damage anything else?

You might wanna look at hosts, login.conf, ssh config, pam, audit,
sendmail, syslog.conf, basically everything in /etc.



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