Can sysinstall be run interactively to install onto a second drive?

Peter Steele psteele at
Fri Feb 27 11:33:20 PST 2009

>Yes for sure. You can partition secondary drives on a running system as long 
>as the drive isn't mounted and your kern.securelevel < 2. 

It's -1, so I assume that's okay. 

>You will need to define "doesn't seem to like what I'm trying to do" to get a 
>more constructive answer. 

Yeah, that wasn't very useful was it? Okay, I'm having a couple of problems, at least. One problem is I don't know how to tell sysinstall where my target root is located. I have something like this in my install.cfg: 


da0s1-1=ufs 0 /newroot 

This formats my target drive as I want it (a single full disk partition at this point), but when I do the actual install, there is no way to tell sysinstall where my target root is. So, when the commands 

dists=base kernels GENERIC manpages 

are executed, the files are extracted and installed on my active system, not the system I am building on da0. That's my problem in a nutshell ultimately--how do I tell sysinstall where my target root is? It impacts the whole session, including packageAdd commands. 

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