getty on /dev/ttypN

Michael P. Soulier msoulier at
Sun Feb 15 11:13:30 PST 2009

On 14/02/09 Polytropon said:

> Do you have X running? Usually, the ttypN pseudo terminals
> are employed by xterms (or other terminal emulators on X).
> Maybe this is a result of a non-starting X?

Nope, headless server.

> Do you have automated "screen" sessions running? Does the
> command "w" show something strange?

Yes, I'm running screen remotely. Nothing strange.

> The configuration files you showed seem to look completely
> normal.
> I don't see why init tries to getty for the ttypN...

Nope, me neither. If it were Linux I'd look for getty lines in /etc/inittab,
but that's not where things are configured here. Is init configured anywhere
on BSD?

> The ttypN files in /dev are, if I see this correctly, only
> generated when needed.

Hmm. Must go read...

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