please remove all search results with name XXXX XXXXX

Jon Radel jon at
Tue Feb 10 19:35:23 PST 2009

Steve Bertrand wrote:
> michael copeland wrote:
>> on a side note, i can't believe this has kept going
> Either can I. It's a flame-war, and I became part of it (tsk).
> I just so want this list to be a good place for newcomers as I once was,
> that I'd rather try to keep the list clean, and very much dislike it
> when someone tries to challenge the integrity of a very well respected,
> long term member of the list.

Oh, splendidly well done, all.  You've now gone on long enough for the 
first page of the OP's google results to eventually get replaced by a 
long flame fest as to whether he's an idiot or just ignorant.  Most 
excellent solution to the problem.

By the way, attempting to actually explain to people why these things 
aren't as simple as they might appear can be dangerous.  Those of us who 
tried it a couple of months back on a BSD mailing list were turned over 
to the police for stalking by the OP, who insisted that we and "our 
associates" were in a conspiracy to not remove all mention of her from 
google that displeased her.  I don't think she ever quite caught on that 
the more mail she sent to an archived, public list, the more hits that 
she didn't like would show up.

--Jon Radel

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