How to troubleshoot why ath0 can't connect to a passwordless wireless network?

Yuri yuri at
Mon Feb 9 15:53:06 PST 2009

Quoting "Paul B. Mahol" <onemda at>:

> wlandebug(8) for general 802.11 debuging
> ath driver have it's own debug options ... documented in source code ....


In the debug log I see the line:
ath0: ieee80211_scan_update: no scanner suppport for mode 8
 From source code I see that mode 8 is IEEE80211_M_MONITOR.
As I understand in 'monitor' mode no packets are being sent or received.
When I try to turn it off with 'ifconfig ath0 -monotor' interface  
still seems to stay in monitor mode.

Why wouldn't -monitor turn monitor mode off?


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