Playing audio CDs

Akenner SlackWareWolf at
Sun Feb 8 08:43:18 PST 2009

*snipped for polite cleanliness*

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help me out here. I think 
instead of playing CDs I'll just rip them, it seems a WHOLE lot easier, 
and of course, not having to worry about scratches is a plus ;)

I think one MAJOR problem I had yesterday when I was doing all this, was 
that I had been awake for about 27 hours...Which is more than most 
Windows boxes. I was trying to remember how to configure hardware 
because I'm basically spoiled by easy to configure OSs like BSD and 
Linux, that I literally couldn't remember how to configure stuff.

I think you guys can agree to that. Back in like 2000 even, which wasn't 
THAT long ago, I know for a fact Windows and Linux were both very 
different, and this was....FreeBSD 4.0? 2000 is a little spacial, it's 
when I bought my very first FreeBSD PowerPak with FreeBSD 4.0 on CD, the 
6 CD set of tools and things, and came with The Complete FreeBSD 3rd 
edition. Which I still read. Lehey is a great book writer.

I think one problem also, is the sheer number of albums I have. I ahve a 
LOT of CDs, and almost all of them currently have been ripped, and I 
keep two HDs in my Slackware FTP server (Which may be reinstalled with 
FreeBSD, which is one reason I was testing how I'd do certain things in 
BSD) and I have over 30 GBs of music in there. Some albums that are 
important to me, like my Misfits boxed set, Ramones Discography, and 
rare Acid Bath Demo stuff, and my complete set of Danzig work (All 
Misfits, Samhain boxed set, + all Danzig CDs) I have all ripped as both 
oggVorbis, 128 K MP3s, and 320 K MP3s (I use 128 for my I-Pod because I 
have a 1 GB model, can't afford the big ones) and 320 I use for my play 
lists on the computer so I get good sound, and oggorbis was because a 
while back Linux distros like SUSE couldn't give you MP3 from out of the 
box, because of the license thing, so I kept ogg for that. It's 
something that took a LONG time to do and I'll probably just continue on 
with ripping the rest of my CD collection and putting it all on my FTP 
server so that each machine I have can play music without all of them 
losing disk space.

Thanks again everyone!

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