Slow DNS (and host: connection timed out)

Lokadamus Lokadamus at
Sat Feb 7 07:33:51 PST 2009

David Naylor wrote:
> On Friday 06 February 2009 13:47:47 Lokadamus wrote:
>> David Naylor wrote:
>>> I don't quite understand your question.  See below for the network
>>> topology:
>>> ISP (host WinGate DNS, only proxy and socks connections allowed out)
>>>  | Wireless connection to my gateway
>>> Server (My gateway, running bind9 for internet domain and DNS caching,
>>> FreeBSD 7.1p2)
>>>   > PCI D-Link GPlus wireless card for link to ISP
>>>   > PCI rl0 link to switch
>> Ok, here is a realtek. That can sometimes make problems.
>> Can you change this network interface card?
> Yes I could, however I have the same problem on the gateway over the wireless 
> card.  The wireless card is connecting the gateway to the ISP (i.e. 
> gateway->wireless->ISP) with the ethernet to the intranet.  I haven't had any 
> problems with pinging the gateway from my laptop.  
Can you see problems of your wireless card in /var/log/messages?

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