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Thu Dec 31 19:57:49 UTC 2009

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 11:10:15AM -0800, Jon Radel wrote:
> Gary Kline wrote:
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> >	My new server is back out of harm's way, but now, upon reboot, no 
> >	mail.  I have tail -f maillog and get "Domain not found"
> >
> >	Yes, i did edit my DNS files, but I think i have a backup.  Can 
> >	anybody clue me in so i don't do this by mistake again?  thanks.
> >
> >
> Are we talking about  (Personally I think it's a bit 
> arrogant of you to assume we all remember the details of your network 
> from week to week, but I'm a grouch, and other's mileage almost 
> certainly varies.)
> Is your mail server on  If so, you're probably just 
> running into a race condition, given that your *only* nameserver for 
> is also on ethic.  Or at least your only announced 
> nameserver.  In other words, your mailserver is quite possibly starting 
> up, attempting a dns lookup and timing out, all before your nameserver 
> is up and running.
> What happens if you restart just your mailserver at this time?
> If that doesn't resolve the matter, give us some details about where 
> your nameserver and mailserver live, and give us the contents of 
> /etc/resolv.conf on the mailserver, and tell us for which e-mail 
> addresses e-mail isn't flowing.
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	Well, apologies all around, more or less.  To resolve my DNS problems 
	I just copied over my backup SAVED/ to my newer, broken 
	copy, updated the Serail njmber, and restarted things.

	It was a good lesson that I should NOT have ever dared to mess
	around with IPv6 ... but I did.  And yup, after moving the server
	everything restarted.  And that v6 stuff busted things.

	[ten mins later with coffee kicking in]:: a question on the
	nameserver stuff: given that I have only one ISP, how could I have
	another nameserver?  ethic is DNS, mail, and web.  I've got two
	secondary nameservers.  One in Dallas, a second in England.  

	I did restart dovecot last night; it didn't help.  

p0 11:44 <ethic> [1031] cat resolv.conf
	What I really think broke things was to have left the AAAA addr rec
	in their blindly.  :

@                       IN      AAAA 2002:d1b4:d5d2::

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