Confusion About "FreeBSD now supports host and guest modes in VirtualBox"

Lokadamus lokadamus at
Thu Dec 31 11:58:24 UTC 2009

Am 28.12.2009 19:10, schrieb Ivan Voras:
> Ivan Voras wrote:
>> Ryan Ware wrote:
>>> Maybe someone here can distribute some enlightenment.  In the press 
>>> release for 8.0 it says, "FreeBSD now supports host and guest modes 
>>> in VirtualBox".  I understand what the host mode support is with the 
>>> VirtualBox port.  What I don't understand is what support for guest 
>>> mode is.  I don't see anything anywhere about guest additions.  As 
>>> far as I can tell, guest support seems to consist of simply allowing 
>>> the kernel to run in VirtualBox.  Am I missing something?
>> AFAIK no, that's it.
> Actually, it looks like the newest version (will arrive to ports soon) 
> has guest tools/additions for FreeBSD.
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When you download
you can see, that there 3 ports.
Two ports are for host, i think and one port has name 
I think this port will make guest additions for freebsd as guest.


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