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On Mon, 28 Dec 2009, Warren Block wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Dec 2009, doug at safeport.com wrote:
>>> I wouldn't install old versions of xdm.  If there's a doubt about one of 
>>> the many things xdm depends on, you can do 'portupgrade -Rf xdm'. It'll 
>>> take quite a while.
>> It may be somehting like this. The system comes up with DNS via DHCP. 
>> Because I am starting xdm manually at this point I know DNS is working 
>> before xdm is itself is named localhost with no associated domain to avoid 
>> this.
> I don't quite understand that sentence.  Normally all I have in /etc/hosts 
> (on the machine with X, anyway) is:
>	localhost
> Everything else comes from DHCP.
> AFAIR, xdm did okay with only the /etc/hosts entry and no DNS.  Without 
> either, it really had problems.  I didn't try it with localhost undefined but 
> with a DNS server.  Probably should have.
>> I will follow your advice on xdm. I appreciate you sharing your experience 
>> and insights.
> Certainly.  It'll be nice to have an answer for this when it comes up again.

The answer appears to be to add an empty LISTEN statement to 
/usr/local/lib/X11/xdm/Xaccess. The xdm package issues a IPV6 DHCP request. 
While the xdm man page suggests this is not needed:

        To disable listening for XDMCP connections altogther, a line of  LISTEN
        with  no addresses may be specified, or the previously supported method
        of setting DisplayManager.requestPort to 0 may be used.

This seems not to be the case as adding this line gets rid of the long delay and 
suppresses the IPV6 DHCP request. The DisplayManager.requestPort is set to 0 in 
the default configuration. This solves the long start (I am pretty sure). Thank 
you for your suggestions that pushed me to find this.

I am also pretty sure my hardware just does not work with hal and dbus.

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