How to force tar to be quiet?

Polytropon freebsd at
Sun Dec 27 21:06:43 UTC 2009

On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 22:10:31 +0200, Коньков Евгений <kes-kes at> wrote:
> # tar -cf /home/kes/backup/conf/aaa_etc.tar -C / boot/loader.conf etc/* usr/local/etc/* usr/local/virtwww/*
> tar: No match.
> And next does not work as expected:
> # tar -cf /home/kes/backup/conf/aaa_etc.tar -C / boot/loader.conf etc usr/local/etc usr/local/virtwww
> I get:
> boot
> etc
> mysite
> local
> sub
> usr
> virtwww
> Why local, sub, mysite, virtwww are in ROOT or tar???
> 'local' must be under 'usr'
> 'virtwww' must be under 'local'
> 'mysite' must be under 'virtwww'
> but not in root
> Why I get that  wrong result?

When * is specified on the command line, the shell
will expand it. This causes the subtrees / subdirs
(or their 1st level content) of /usr/local to be the
subject of the archiving operation.

Which shell are you using? Is it maybe not expanding
* and instead taking it literally?

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