Issues with make -j option on ports

Simon Griffiths simon.griffiths at
Sun Dec 27 17:15:59 UTC 2009



I seem to get errors with quite a few ports if I use the make -j option.
The errors surround multiple make commands not getting the files it expects
in order.  Is this the correct behaviour?


make -j 8 install clean

install  -s -o root -g wheel -m 555

install: /usr/ports/net/boinc_curses/work/boinc_curses-0.1.9/boinc_curses:
No such file or directory

*** Error code 71

===>  Cleaning for boinc-client-6.4.5_4

===>  Cleaning for wxgtk2-2.8.10_2

===>  Cleaning for intltool-0.40.6

===>  Cleaning for boinc_curses-0.1.9_2

1 error


This is on a quad core amd64 box. I seem to get this error on a number of
ports, for example recompiling gnome2, mysql etc etc.  So my CPU never
really maxes and the builds take longer than they should.


Any ideas?




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