How to enable network manager in KDE?

illoai at illoai at
Wed Dec 23 17:50:44 UTC 2009

2009/12/21 Yuri <yuri at>:
> illoai at wrote:
>> Umm . . . yes?  But more seriously, FreeBSD is still
>> very much a server operating system, expecting it to
>> be exactly like Torvalds 2.6 OS or BiGa 0.7alpha right
>> now is a bit much.
> Really? I was using FreeBSD as a desktop system for at least 10 years and it
> works quite well as a desktop. There are few defects, like the lack of
> network manager.
> If it was very much a server operating system, what are kde and gnome teams
> doing in your opinion? They seem to be completely unaware of that either.

Nonexclusive properties.  Statements tending to create a
false dichotomy.  Nevermind.


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